Richard Cuff

Get Ready For Greatness

Start Small, Think Big, Grow Fast

Meet Richard Cuff

Richard Cuff is CEO of ConcinTel, LLC, president of CTI Marketing, founder of NASEMBA Business Alliance - an organization that provides support and encouragement to small and emerging market businesses.

Richard developed the Get Ready for Greatness Coaching series to help entrepreneurs unleash their greatness and make a difference in communities they serve.

He discovered his gift of entrepreneurship as a seven-year old, while in the second grade - painting Hot Wheel cars for a quarter using his mother's fingernail polish - and over the next forty plus years he would spend his life pursuing his entrepreneurial vision and sharpening his managerial skills.

A standup comedian, personal development coach, author, and inspiring public speaker, this husband and father of two possesses a level of spiritual maturity that, through his Get Ready for Greatness seminars, allows his audiences to experience firsthand why he believes laughter is truly like a medicine.